Perfection is in the details. Precise production, high quality materials and designs by Czech and Italian designers.

Discover timeless, stylish, ergonomic seating for offices, public and private spaces.

A new upholstery fabric made of cork

A new fabric, CORK, has been added to our range of upholstery materials. This fabric is made in Europe from cork that comes exclusively from Portugal. Even though it is a natural material, its characteristics easily match those of artificial fabrics. Our CORK fabric is:– a natural and...

NIDO: a new modular seating system

We are presenting to you our NIDO modular seating system, created by Orlandini Design, Italy. The NIDO consists of several features designed to be combined in different ways, to be very easily assembled and to create seating options that are almost unlimited in terms of size, shape and function....

We rely on precise design, top quality, handmade production and family tradition

We are a Czech family company and for almost thirty years we have been supplying seating for offices, public and private spaces. A large part of our products are manufactured directly in Boskovice where we continue the tradition of the local textile industry. Experienced seamstresses and upholsterers do precise work thanks to which the appearance of our products is tightened to the last detail. They breathe life into the designs made by Czech and Italian designers with whom we cooperate.