Baldanzi & Novelli

Adriano Baldanzi and Alessandro Novelli, after studying Industrial Design in Florence, began to work with other colleagues, dealing with design and corporate image. They worked for CIATTI, BIEFFE, MENOWAT, and other Tuscan companies. In ’84, the Baldanzi & Novelli office was defined. They established the CASAMANIA company which produced furnishing complements. In 1986 the company was sold to FREZZA. The CASAMANIA BY FREZZA brand was born. Since then the design office has designed a huge range of products, beds, trolleys, kitchens, and other furnishing complements.

Among all of these, the outstanding article, due to its diffusion and the admiration it has aroused, is the FESTIVAL shelving system, designed in '88 and still up-to-date now. From 1991 the design office began to deal with office easy chairs, designing "DATA", a small easy chair for communities, in plastic and a metal structure. For this easy chair, the design office was awarded the FORUM DESIGN OFFICE prize at EIMU of Milan and at ORGATEC of Cologne.