Integrated QMS and EMS policy:
The basic philosophy of our company is to be the best seller and manufacturer of mid-range office chairs in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, and to be a recognized manufacturer abroad.

The best in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic means timeless quality design, high utility value, a full range of seating furniture for offices and adjacent spaces, customer service and image on the market, simply to be a recognized leader on the market.

Recognized abroad means being a well-known manufacturer, recognized for offering a quality alternative to local and other recognized seating furniture manufacturers.

Quality of delivered products is guaranteed by a product certificate. As a trademark owner, we care not only to maintain the declared quality of our goods but to work on its further enhancement.

Quality of our services is understood not only as the quality of our products but also as the quality of related services, consisting in expert consultancy when we recommend our clients the best suited product according to their needs, customer-friendly cooperation including an order confirmation within 24 hours and information about exact delivery time, shipment of goods to the client and prompt resolution of complaints. We treat our clients’ needs as an incentive for further development of our products.

Our clients find LS seating to be a reliable partner. We take care to maintain the full range of our goods and top quality of our products, and to keep deadlines.

Our processes are efficiently managed and continually improved.

  • We comply with all the valid laws, regulations, decrees and other rules related to the quality of manufactured products and environmental protection.
  • We prevent environmental pollution and water consumption through a choice of technologies, materials and processes friendly to the environment.
  • We regularly assess environmental and safety risks, define their significance and how to manage them.
  • We increase and deepen our employees’ awareness about the links between the company’s activities and their concrete work duties and the quality and protection of the environment.
  • We demand a pro-active approach to quality assurance and environmental protection from our business partners.
  • When implementing new technologies, we assess their impact on the environment.
  • We create conditions to communicate and cooperate within the company, with other interested parties and the state administration.
  • We monitor and regularly assess the company’s profile in terms of its economic and environmental results, and adopt measures to improve it.

This policy is a publicly accessible document binding for all employees of the company.

On 22 June 2017 we received the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. We trust that this fact will help us to further enhance the quality of our services and will move the quality benchmark of our manufacture to place us among the best seating furniture manufacturers at home and abroad.


Its our pleasure to announce that on 22 June 2017 we receieved ISO 14001:2015 certificate of management of environmental protection.