LD seating has always striven to capture its clients’ attention with the quality and unique design of its seating furniture. We are aware of how important it is to fulfil our clients’ expectations. That is why we place such emphasis on ergonomics, design, safety and quality in the least detail of our products.


In developing new products, we build on a thorough knowledge of our clients’ wishes. We incorporate this information into the development process of each new product. Cooperation with designers takes care of the aesthetic side of things, but aesthetics has to always be linked with the functionality of the product in development. After the design phase is finished, work proceeds in coordination with the technology department, which concentrates on the manufacture of individual parts, functionality and quality according to the overall concept of the product.


In our production we specialise both in custom-made and batch production, with an emphasis on labour productivity. Before their final completion, our products pass through several production stages. Production starts at the sewing shop, goes through the upholstery shop to the completion shop. In our production we use both traditional and modern upholstery techniques. The production process is closely monitored for quality at each stage of the process.


To ensure short delivery deadlines we make use of our own logistics terminal with a capacity of 2,600 pallet spaces. With our management software we can react quickly to new orders, and ensure an adequate delivery time. This monitoring system functions at the entry, in terms of component part storage, production as well as at the output when finished products are ready to ship.


We take care to address the environmental impact of our production. To the degree possible, we use recycled materials in our production. If there is waste, it is sorted and used for further processing.