New production hall is already built and in service

First part of our production team has already been moved to our new, modern production hall. Hall is about 85 m long, width is 33 m., inside - there is built a second floor - here are offices, canteen and changing rooms - about 350 m2. It is equiped with the most modern systems, to make the production easier and more effective. Allover size of the hall is over 3 000 m2.

For faster and more fluent production process we installed there a roller conveyor and articulated palletizing robot. Robot works on vacuum principle – it soaks up the box from the roller conveyor and the warehouseman easily leads the box and place it on the pallet that goes to the stock of complete products.

Building of the hall is supported by European Union - European Regional Development Fund Operational Programme Entreprise and Innovations for Competitiveness.